We’re forever grateful to the land that welcomes us daily and lets us walk its sacred ground, and we’re fully committed to having the lightest possible impact on its environment and those who live in it.

At Andean Lodges, we take pride in helping visitors connect with an ancient way of life. Thus, finding the right balance between native traditions and modern day health and service standards guides our work in the Peruvian mountains.

Biodegradable everything

To help develop clean, non-polluting ecotourism at the lodges and in the area’s communities, we use biodegradable cleaning products to maintain our ecolodge’s rooms, bathrooms and kitchens spotlessly clean.

This practice guarantees having clean, sanitary areas where our travelers can rest and eat in comfort, as it also protects the environment that welcomes us.

We also process organic waste in bio-digesters that produce fertilizer, which soon will end up improving the soil and helping local farmers grow excellent crops.

No waste is left behind

As in any kind of business, we produce some inorganic waste that needs to be removed from the mountains to be processed elsewhere.

So, with the help of our friendly llamas, we transport non-biodegradable waste back to a recycling plant in the city of Cusco.

This process helps us ensure that the mountain and its ecosystems remain as unpolluted by our activities as possible, along with helping maintain the ancestral practice of transporting goods between communities by llama train.

That way, we not only help to preserve the ecological integrity of the area, but we also continuously generate rewarding work for llama herders from the local native communities.

Carbon neutral company

Finally, Andean Lodges works in partnership with Nature Services Peru S.A., which manages the “Regenera Project”. This project helps Andean Lodges to offset our footprint of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions by promoting sustainable management of Peru’s forest ecosystems. Through their alliance with rural communities in the Peruvian Amazon, they implement strategies for sustainable forest use, ecosystem restoration, generating carbon offsets and promoting zero loss of biodiversity.

At Andean Lodges we take great pride in participating in these efforts. You too can take part in this incredible experience by visiting our website www.andeanlodges.com

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Operation team made up of community members trained as guides, kitchen staff, housekeeping, guardianship and maintenance.


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