High above the valleys in one of the most impressive landscapes of the Andes Mountains, you’ll find a place where the land meets the sky, and where you can rest in comfort feeling that you’ve arrived at the top of the world.

This is high mountain wilderness, practically untouched by the hustle and bustle of modern life. There are no roads or towns anywhere near Machurracay Lodge, strategically located at 15,846 ft. (4,815 m.), with awesome views of snowcapped Mt. Ausangate, the fifth highest mountain in Peru.

For the ancient people of the Peru’s southern Andes, and for modern-day Quechua natives, Ausangate was and is an Apu- a sacred deity and protector of life and waters.

At this beautiful faraway destination, the profound silence and distance away from urban centers and city lights provide you with an experience of pure calm and tranquility.
Being there, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back in time to the days of the Incas.

What a terrific way to get away from it all! Machurracay Lodge, the second ecolodge on our Ausangate Trail circuit, is ecological designed, very comfortable and well-appointed.

The cozy lounge centers around a blazing fireplace, where guests can enjoy snacks and hot drinks, resting and chatting with our guides and fellow travelers.

Our friendly efficient staff is made up of highly trained local native people, always ready to serve you with a smile.

Our Accommodations

Our double rooms have private baths with hot showers, and large windows with privileged views of the surrounding mountains.
You’ll sleep  comfortably and warm, with plenty of down comforters, wool blankets and hot water bottles to warm your bed before you turn in. Our goal is your total comfort, on every evening of your Andean Lodges trek.

At night, the romantic ambience is enhanced by soft candlelight. With no electric light available at our ecolodges, you really do escape the modern world, for at least a few precious days.

Our hot showers are gas powered. Bringing a portable charger for charging your camera batteries is recommended.

You will not go hungry! We’re very proud of our kitchen staff, who have trained at Cusco’s best restaurants.

They specialize in delicious, healthy Andean dishes made with local ingredients, including great salads, vegetables and local fruits, farm-raised meats, snacks and the best quinoa and potato dishes you’ll ever taste.

By day, the views of Mt. Ausangate are incomparable. The sky is huge and the air is as pure as can be. Above the lodge in surrounding rock formations you’re likely to see scampering viscachas, cute rabbit-like Andean squirrels.

At night, the darkness and altitude make Machurracay Lodge a perfect place for enjoying a breathtaking stargazing experience.
You won’t forget the huge river of glittering stars you’ll view in the night skies- the Milky Way in its fullest splendor.
Please visit our website at: andeanlodges.com  and go to the link to Our Lodges > Machurracay Lodge for a glimpse of what awaits you at this splendid destination.
As we like to say: Awaken, rise embraced by Ausangate, Cusco’s guardian and protector, feel its ancient presence and share in the offering.


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