Trekking across the andes mountains has always been a part of every adventurer’s journey and Mt. Ausangate is definitely one of the main reasons people come to Perú to experience a wonderful and exciting journey.
We believe there are several reasons why one should pack their bags and travel to these wonderful Andes Mountain, but we can very well sum it all up in 10 powerful reasons to come and live the Ausangate adventure!

  1. Peru’s Andes mountain range is one of the most strikingly beautiful mountain landscapes on Earth.Experiencing its massive snowcapped peaks and glaciers, astounding rock formations, pristine glacial lakes, streams and waterfalls, high meadows and star-filled night skies will fill your eyes and renew your heart and soul. We guarantee it!
  2. The Mt. Ausangate range in the Cusco region is a very special part of the Andes Mountains.It’s more remote and less visited than the Inca Trail or similar places in Peru, so you’ll experience deeper tranquility and solitude on your Andean Lodges.
    You’re also likely to see unique wild fauna, such as cute, rabbit-like vizcachas and many species of birds, including condors and giant hummingbirds.
  3. Andean Lodges offers full-service adventure treks on the Mt. Ausangate circuit, guided by expert professional guides.This includes comfortable overnight stays and delicious gourmet meals at each of our four cozy, ecologically-designed lodges.You’ll enjoy restful evenings by candlelight, with gourmet meals and hot beverages by the fireplace after each day of hiking.
  4. Most of Andean Lodges’ trekking programs include a visit to Mt. Vinincunca, the famed Rainbow Mountain, which features huge bands of vividly colorful soil strata- a spectacular landscape found at very few locations on the planet.
  5. The Ausangate experience is not only the best way to enjoy nature in the Andes, but also gives you many opportunities to meet and interact with local Quechua native people, the ancient Andean culture that descends from the Incas.Quechua people actively participate in all aspects of our trekking programs, from hospitality services and preparing delicious, healthy meals at our ecolodges, to leading the llama caravans that transport our gear.
  6. You’ll meet native Quechua women weavers in their ancestral lands, observe their traditional weaving methods, and have the chance to purchase their beautiful, uniquely patterned woven textiles directly from them.And that’s just one of many chances for personal encounters with traditional Andean people that our visitors enjoy on Andean Lodges. 
  7. Our mission is to provide our visitors with the best possible Andes mountain experience, while also protecting the region’s environment, and promoting sustainable development by training and creating good jobs for the local Quechua villagers who are the cornerstone of Andean Lodges’ operations.You’ll take part in this important project by joining us on an Ausangate trek.
  8. Andean Lodges is the best and most experienced outfitter in Cusco’s Ausangate region, with over 10 years of operating state-of-the-art trekking experiences and lodging services for our visitors.We’re fully dedicated to making your Ausangate experience your most wonderful, unforgettable mountain trek ever.
  9. The safety of our visitors is our top priority. To that end, each of our professional mountain guides is highly trained and experienced in wilderness first-aid and mountain rescue techniques, and well prepared to face any potential emergency.We carry all equipment necessary to deal immediately with discomfort due to altitude or any possible injury. However, please be reassured knowing that such situations very rarely happen on our treks.
  10. Don’t think we’ve forgotten our good friends- the graceful llamas and alpacas of the Andes! You’ll see dozens if not hundreds of these beautiful camelids, and meet them up close.Llama caravans will carry your gear, and these animals are extremely photogenic! Don’t forget to bring your camera, and find out much more about our adventure treks in the Andes by visiting our website at: hope to hear from you very soon for the 2019 trekking season


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