There are many walks, treks and hikes to discover in Peru, but the Cusco Region has by far the highest concentration of amazing sights and spectacular landscapes.
Let’s be honest- there’s a good chance this article will have lot of “amazing” and “breathtaking” type of words scattered throughout it (O.K., we’ll try to avoid “awesome”, although it really is!).
But the truth is, such words really do describe the experience of trekking in the Andes.
While there are varied mountaineering experiences for you to discover in Peru (check out the main differences between trekking, hiking and mountaineering here), few places are as fascinating and awe-inspiring as what you’ll find in the Cusco Region.
The Ausangate Trek

Known as the guardian spirit deity of Cusco, this spectacular mountain and the journey around it is what we at Andean Lodges love most about our region.
Not only does Ausangate share its beautiful landscapes, animals and lakes with travelers from around the world, it also allows Andean Lodges to participate directly in improving the economic wellbeing of native Quechua communities that welcome trekkers lucky enough to visit.
The 4 or 5-day trek around Ausangate Mountain has been deeplycoveredon our website, so be sure to check it out.
Hiking at over 16,000 feet, the Ausangate Trek is a life-changing experience in which you’ll connect closely with nature and find your own strengths, while also enjoying overnight stays at our comfortable eco-friendly lodges.
You’ll discover why our visitors love this trek so much as you trek alongside snow-capped peaks accompanied by llamas, have lunch at the base of one of the most imposing mountains in the Andes, and relax along the shores of pristine glacial lakes.
Traveling with Andean Lodges you’ll see unforgettable sights, such as the stargazing experience of a lifetime. And you’ll be welcomed by local native people who are the stewards of this great mountain and heirs to its historic Inca culture.
And that’s exactly what makes this trek so, well yes – amazing! Meeting your native hosts, tasting their foods, and experiencing their traditions is a unique cross-cultural experience that broadens the worldview of every one of our visitors.
Andean Lodges’ core value is to offer environmentally sound tourism that respects, benefits and includes the indigenous cultures and communities whose lands we visit.

Toward our goals, we’ve been worked hand-in-hand with the local native communities since our founding. Our first eco-designed lodge, Anantapata Lodge, was built entirely by the local communities we work with. We’re proud of having generated new economic opportunities, and of constantly creating mutual learning experiences, together with the local Quechua people.
Anantapata this is one four comfortable eco-lodges we have waiting for you on your Ausangate trek. Be sure to learn more about our lodges by visiting our website.
The Choquequirao Trek

This challenging 4-day adventure trek is not so much for the faint of heart, but for hardier adventurers who are looking for big rewards.
Known as the ancient citadel twin of Machu Picchu, the Choquequirao archeological complex is an explorer’s dream.
Although the “other Machu Picchu” is similar in design to the renowned world wonder, this second Inca cityis much less traveled and harder to reach. A visit can be combined with a trek to Machu Picchu.
A breathtaking canyon, verdant mountain ridges and condors flying overhead will greet your arrival at the site, but you may be surprised that only 30% of the city has been excavated.
That’s one main reason why the relatively few adventurers who have traveled to Choquequirao love it: it still holds many of its secrets.
Salkantay Trek

The first multiple-day trek on our list has been among the top 10 mountaineering experiencesrecommended by experts worldwide for many years, but few dare venture on it.
Our 4 to 5-day Salcantay Trek to Machu Picchu takes you across one of the highest mountain ranges in the Andes, and it’s known for its majestic views and deep tranquility.
This is an adventure for experienced hikers, but the spiritual and physical rewards of this challenging experience validate all the effort.
When you gaze upon magnificent Salkantay, you’ll realize why it has been worshipped as a deity by Andean native communities since before the time of the Incas.
While on your trip to Peru, remember than the easier, more popular tourist attractions are often crowded, or could be negatively impacting the environment.  Experiencing the lesser-known, less-crowded treks we’ve described here is a prize in and of its own.
And if you decide to do the Ausangate Mountain Trek, be sure to book a departure with us at our website.

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