You are an avid hiker- you love to walk new trails and take in the beauty and solitude of pristine nature. For you, mountains are especially enticing.
Their towering heights and sweeping views make you feel intimately connected to our huge planet. And now, you just might be ready for a real trek in the Andes Mountains , one of the most beautiful ranges on the planet.
A basic question- what is the difference between a hike and a trek? In general, on a hike you walk the trails for a few hours.
A trek is a longer adventure travel  journey that takes a few days, where you hike a bit longer and spend some nights, possibly camping, or in shelters.

Trekking with Andean Lodges

On Andean Lodges’ state-of-the-art Route to Ausangate trekking programs, you will not need to camp out. Instead, you’ll spend comfortable, restful nights at our delightful ecolodges, enjoying excellent meals, warm beds equipped with down comforters, a roaring fireplace, and the hospitality services of our helpful, friendly staff.
This is trekking at its very best, through valleys and meadows, in the midst of the Andes’ huge snowcapped peaks. Yes, you do hike extensively on our programs.
Depending on the program you choose, the number of days of our seven different trekking journeys is between 2 to 7 days, and hiking distances ranges between 12 total miles, to 36 mi. over several days.
You’re accompanied every step of the way by our professional bilingual guides , who are fully dedicated to ensuring your safety, health and satisfaction.
You won’t need to carry much gear, just a small backpack with some essentials, since our llama caravans accompany each trek and carry your baggage.

Safety is our priority

Keep in mind, if you get tired on the trail, there’s no pressure. You can hike at your own pace, or maybe ride for a while on an accompanying horse.
In case of any discomfort caused by altitude or exertion, our expert guides are highly trained in medical emergency care; they carry oxygen and will take very good care of you.
By the way, we also operate 2 to 4-day acclimatization programs near Cusco to get you fully in shape with short hikes, and ready for higher altitudes at Ausangate.
As you hike our uncrowded network of trails and traverse passes at Ausangate, you’re free to take in the endless breathtaking views, and to photograph amazing sights- glacial lakes, striking geological formations, hundreds of grazing llamas and alpacas.
And of course, soaring above is mighty Ausangate, the highest and most sacred mountain in southern Peru, surrounded by the many gorgeous snowcapped peaks and glaciers of the Vilcanota Range.

The comfort of the Andean Lodges

Then, you arrive at the lodge! Our accommodations are strategically located far from any populated area- your stays are at tranquil, cozy ecolodges, surrounded by stunning views of the mountains.
The glittering stars in the night sky are as abundant as you’ll see anywhere- the Milky Way appears as a river of starlight.
At the lodges, you’re guaranteed deliciously comfortable rest. The ambience is charming- no electric lights, but plenty of candles and lamplight- and yes, private double rooms with hot showers!
Dinners and breakfasts are delightful- our chefs have trained at Cusco’s best restaurants- they pride themselves in serving healthful, creative dishes made from local natural products.
A rest by the fireplace with a hot drink and yummy snacks, and a good night’s sleep in a warm bed will get you ready for the next day’s hike to the next lovely lodge. Certainly, Andean Lodges is a deluxe trekking experience!

Trekking in Ausangate

The Ausangate experience offers you all the solitude and natural beauty you might dream of, along with unforgettable moments of connection with the traditional Quechua culture of the Andes- the descendants of the ancient Incas.
You’ll meet native weavers and admire their handicrafts, and you’ll wake up to the sweet songs of local Quechua women.
Andean Lodges’ Route to Ausangate is not just a hike- it’s a multi-day trekking experience with all the amenities you deserve, and many experiences you never expected.
And accompanying you have the best, most experienced team of expert guides in the Andes to guarantee your safety and enjoyment.
Come and live fully while trekking the Route to Ausangate. Check out our website at, and please contact us to reserve your trekking experience in Peru’s magical, majestic Andes Mountains. We guarantee you’ll be amazed!

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