Andean Lodges is a tourism company founded together with the communities of Chillca and Osefina. These two communities are located in the region of Pitumarca, near the sacred mountain Apu Ausangate, where ancient Andean traditions are practiced, including the breeding of llamas and alpacas, and traditional textile handcrafts. These ancient traditions are at risk of disappearing
due to various factors.

With their work, Andean Lodges supports the preservation of llama and alpaca herding, as well as the work of local weavers and their textile handcrafts in the Pitumarca region.
Both communities have integrated into the tourism project, along with their traditional way of life, in an effort to preserve their ancient traditions, while creating new economic opportunities.
The craftsmanship of the weavers of Chillca and Osefina is characterized by deeply symbolic designs and enchanting colors. The dyes are extracted from plants, herbs and minerals from the area. In the last few decades, much of the practice and knowledge of traditional textiles have been lost. Yet, these traditions can be preserved through the work of Andean Lodges and visiting guests can directly experience the practice of these crafts and hear the exciting stories of the artisans. Likewise, they can purchase unique weavings directly from the weavers and can thus contribute to the preservation of this tradition.
In mid-May, the Pitumarca region’s traditional textile craftsmanship was declared a National Heritage. This tradition of unique symbolic cultural significance is deeply rooted in the cultures of ancient Peru. Through their designs, traditional villages differentiate themselves from other communities and use their craftsmanship as a mean of communication. The iconography is closely
linked to their world view, elements of nature, the agricultural and festival calendar, and their daily lives.
On a positive note, demand for these textile crafts is growing in external markets, which represents an excellent opportunity to improve the quality of life of the region’s families.
However, the traditional crafts market is struggling with the import of foreign textiles. Also, the low interest of young people in the crafts has had a negative impact on the preservation of textile knowledge and craftmanship, and thus presents a risk of disappearance of these ancient crafts. Among other things, knowledge of the uniquely important iconography is being lost.
Designation as National Heritage can protect the region’s textile tradition to a certain extent, but that alone is not enough. The weavers and their families must be supported and encouraged in their traditional way of life.
By working with Andean Lodges, the preservation of traditions can be strengthened and guaranteed.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Operation team made up of community members trained as guides, kitchen staff, housekeeping, guardianship and maintenance.


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