Reaching the summit of a snowcapped mountain at 20,945 ft. (6,384 m.) is a very special adventure, a challenge that requires some prior climbing experience, along with fortitude and daring.
Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of taking on such a climb, but you’re not quite a professional climber.
You’ve been building up your strength and gaining mountaineering knowledge to do just the right climb. Maybe you’ve done some technical climbing and are looking for more training and practice.
You’re looking for a summit climb that won’t involve crowds and the dangerous extremes of Everest or K2, but instead an experience that is true mountaineering at its best.
Andean Lodges’ 9-day Summit of Ausangate climbing program offers you an opportunity to summit one of the world’s most beautiful mountains, together with professional guides, in an expedition designed to help you develop your potential as a climber.
But at a gradual pace that includes stays at our outstanding ecolodges to enjoy good nights of rest, great food and time to enjoy the tranquil beauty of the Andes.
Mind you, this is not a climb for beginners- it does require physical fitness, tenacity and a certain amount of prior climbing experience.
To get there, you’ll acclimatize and prepare your body by hiking in one of the most breathtaking regions of the Andes, across valleys filled with llamas and alpacas, towering mountains, glacial lakes and fascinating rock formations.

Nights at our cozy ecolodges allow you to rest and recover from strenuous days of climbing to high camp, where you’ll help to plan and prepare the route to the summit.
The Ausangate climb involves one night or two of camping on the snowfields (depending on conditions and the group’s decision).
On the seventh day, you’ll do the push to the 20,945 ft. summit on fixed ropes, with snowshoes or crampons, until we reach the false summit, and then continue on to the top of magnificent Mt. Ausangate.
Then, you’ll be at the top of the Andes, on a mountain considered to be the most sacred deity of the native people of the Cusco region, and surrounded by some of the most spectacular mountains on Earth.
No dangerous overcrowding or waiting in line here. You’ll likely be one of few climbers on the mountain, experiencing its gorgeous solitude and a pure connection with nature at the top of the world.
Andean Lodges’ guides are true mountaineering professionals, with many years of climbing experience.
Our team is extensively trained in outdoor medical assistance and mountain safety and rescue.
All necessary technical gear is provided, you’ll need to just bring your personal mountain gear (please refer to our itinerary for details).
Your safety and wellbeing on the Ausangate climb is our number-one concern.
One great advantage of this climbing trek is that you’ll experience not only an amazing natural world as you make your way to the summit, but also the richness of Andean culture.
Local Quechua native people operate our ecolodges and accompany you with llama caravans on the hikes between lodges.
You’ll awaken to their songs and be welcomed by their rituals and dances in the days before your summit climb. You’ll also enjoy excellent hearty dishes at our lodges, prepared by our expert chefs.
The Ausangate Summit climb balances the real physical and mental challenges of a summit climb, with a certain level of comfort and time to regain strength, along with close-up experiences of an ancient Andean culture. In sum, a perfect mountaineering adventure!
Please feel free to contact us to find out more about Andean Lodges’ summit climb programs, including our 6-day Mariposa Summit climb (just slightly easier) by going to
The magnificent mountains of Cusco are waiting for you!

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