Interested in taking the best possible travel photos? These few tips and techniques will help you capture great photos of the amazing sights you’ll experience while traveling with us.
Taking beautiful landscape photos or engaging in wildlife photography can be challenging for less experienced photographers, which is why we’ve compiled a simple short list of tips to help beginners take the best possible photos while they travel with us.
Nature photography: the basics
Whether you plan to take on landscape photography or photograph animals, we recommend you always consider creating depth in your photos.
This means looking at the entire frame and considering what’s in front and behind your main target. This will help you frame it better and let you capture the immenseness of the Andes Mountains.
Another useful tip is about trying to capture movement. If you set your camera’s shutter speed to high, open up the aperture and play around with the ISO, you can get great shots of moving water or animals.
If all that seems a bit too technical for you, just be sure to set your camera to movement or fast mode, and that should do the trick.
If you’re thinking about good framing practices, try to compose the photo in thirds:
This means imagining 4 lines crossing your picture, two horizontal and two vertical, dividing the frame in thirds, both up/down and across.
This will help your eye scan your picture more smoothly, seeing how different objects are positioned in each section.
Of course, if you want your main subject to be the center of attention, position it in the middle of the picture.
To create a different aesthetic, try positioning it to one side or the other, and see how the surroundings work best to frame what you have in mind.
Another popular technique is to use water as a mirror. As you trek with us you’ll pass by lakes and ponds that can be used as reflecting surfaces to take beautiful shots of the mountains and snowcaps behind them.
Be sure to frame your landscape photos with these techniques in mind to get beautiful shots.
We hope these landscape and nature photography tips will help you get the best possible outdoor photographs wherever you go.  And please keep in mind that you’ll have countless opportunities to take unique, beautiful travel photos as you trek with us in the Andes Mountains.

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