Generally speaking, it is never a bad time to get on a plain and explore the world. Some of the best places in the world can only be visited in specific times of the year.
Fortunately, there are many ideal times to pack our bags and visit the city of Cusco, Peru, allowing a very flexible schedule when planning a trip.
The Andean city located in between the highlands and the rainforest, location that has a direct impact in the Cusco weather seasons splitting them into two very distinctive ones, the dry season and the rain season.
Dry season (May – October)
Ironically, “winter” is the driest time to visit the Peruvian Andes; during that period of time you can expect clear skies and sunny days, although very cold nights.
This time aligns with the summer in the northern hemisphere which is why it is the time with the highest tourist affluence of the year.
Rain season (November – April)
It’s understandable the terminology “rain season” may confuse a lot of people who are planning a trip to Cusco during these months.
Some people assume it rains all day, every day, but this couldn’t be far from the truth; although there might be some of “those days” once or twice a week, most of the days are fairly sunny.
There’s something in the Cusco weather a little different from other places around the world, that’s because the “Summer” is also the rainy season and the Cusco weather is slightly warmer in contrast with the months following April to October.
A typical day in Cusco means clear skies in the morning, the occasional rain in the afternoon (can be fairly heavy and last a few hours) and then clear skies again.
Although it is highly possible to get wet, you will have the city to yourself (and a few others) being able to snap the perfect picture of every city, landscape or trail without groups of people appearing as background.

Perks of traveling to Cusco on a Rain Season

Less People
Cusco and Machu Picchu get their lowest number of visitors during this particular season, this will allow you to freely walk through the city and explore the trekking trails, view the landscapes and explore the ruins without bumping into large groups of people.
Low Prices
The Rain Season, is also known as low season, makes booking flights, hotels, restaurants and additional tours way cheaper than any other time of the year with prices up to 25% lower, meaning you will be able to find great quality products at a very low price.
Green Landscapes
Heavy rains throughout the season cause Machu Picchu and all of the Incas Sacred Valley to acquire a very intense green. All of the landscapes get covered with vibrant vegetation, flowers and season fruits.
The Warm Cusco Weather
The Rain Season has a very high moisture level, but also the warmest days of the year; however, this moisture (nearly 96%) helps hydrate the skin and hair, the lips don’t get that dry chapped sensation like they do in the Dry Season and also you can feel the air is more fresh, pure and clean.
During the Rain Season you can taste different types of food, including exotic fruits and vegetables exclusive to the season, like the “capulí” (Capulin Cherry), mangos, pears and peaches.

Bringing the right equipment is key

Cusco Weather is very irregular and it’s always changing. It could rain like a rainforest and thirty minutes later have a clear, warm and sunny day.
You’ll be cold in the shadow and feel the heat under the sun which means, having the right clothing is of most importance.
Whenever you prepare your luggage or backpack you will have to consider sunny, rainy, cloudy and cold days.
Trekking Boots: Always bring waterproof non-slip shoes, specially if you are thinking about walking through the trails and mountains, the rocky roads and trails will be wet and slippery.
Raincoat: No matter what time of the year it is, you will always have to bring one with you.
The weather in Cusco, especially because the Machu Picchu weather makes spontaneous rains at a very unexpected rate.
Sunblock and Sunscreen: Bring a hat or a visor, sunglasses and sunscreen to protect you from the Andes summer sun. Remember, it might be rain season, but the Cusco weather is still warm.
There are a lot more perks that make February a great month for an adventure in the Peruvian Andes.
Book a trip today and explore the marvelous mountains and admire its beautiful landscapes with Andean Lodges.

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