Finally! Our trekking season for this year has started this month. After four months without treks in the stunning landscape of Mt. Apu Ausangate, due to the rainy season, we really look forward to you joining us for a new and exciting 2018 trekking season.

Between March and November you’ll have the best chances of enjoying beautiful weather as you hike the lodge-to-lodge trails through incredible landscapes.
Are you thinking you might like to join us on an unforgettable trek through the Peruvian Andes? Please don’t hesitate and reserve your trek now for the 2018 season. You will not regret it! In fact, you’ll never forget the wonderful experiences that await you in the Andes!
You can check available treks on our new homepage www.andeanlodges.com at the “fixed-departures” link.
A quick summary of our treks:
Our 6 day/ 5 night Hatun Pampa Trek departs every Thursday during our trekking season. The additional night at our first eco-lodge provides you with better acclimatization to the higher altitude. You’ll enjoy views of pristine glacial Yanacocha Lake, where you can watch ducks and other waterfowl that feed and nest there. This trek’s highlight is a visit to the spectacularly colorful Rainbow Mountain, Mt. Vinincuna, before the return to Cusco.
If you’d prefer a shorter trek, we offer our 5 day/ 4 night Trail of the Apu Trek, which leaves every Friday during trekking season. Trail of the Apu offers a climbing hike alongside Pjachaj waterfall, as well as a visit to the Rainbow Mountain (just as on the Hatun Pampa trek).
Our 3 day/ 2 nights Paso Palomani Trek is a shorter version of this exciting adventure. The trek departs every Friday during our trekking season. If you opt for the Paso Palomani Trek you’ll get the best possible views of majestic Mt. Ausangate as you hike at about 5,100 m. above sea level.
For those who’d prefer a more active and challenging trek around Mt. Ausangate, we offer two options for exciting climbing excursions. Our 9 day/ 8 night Summit of Ausangate Trek is technically more demanding. Our 6 day/ 5 night Nevado Mariposa Summit Trek is designed for people with little or no experience on climbing treks. Needless to say, all our treks are guided and accompanied by our experienced professional mountain guides.
Additionally, we offer private custom treks which can begin any day you want. We offer 2-day to 7-day private treks. With this option you have more flexibility and time to hike as you wish, and to you enjoy the spectacular landscape at your own pace.
The native communities of Chillca and Osefina play a big role on all our treks. Local people participate actively in driving the llama caravans that carry your baggage, in cooking your delicious meals, and are your friendly housekeepers at our comfortable, clean eco-lodges. The local people look forward to sharing interesting stories with you about traditional native life in the Andes.
We fully support the local people of Chillca and Osefina with our work. Among our many projects, we work to help preserve traditional local activities, such as llama and alpaca herding, and Andean textile crafts. If you’d like to enjoy this first-hand experience of beautiful traditional activities that are slowly disappearing, and thus support the local native people, you’re most welcome to experience all this on any of our treks.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us and reserve your trek with Andean Lodges to sacred Mt. Apu Ausangate, in the heart of Peru’s Andes Mountains![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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