Cusco city, especially its historic downtown, is undeniably romantic. Its narrow cobblestone street, mix of colonial and Inca architecture, charming squares and fountains, and small, intimate restaurants reveal an air of romance and mysteries of ages past.
At night, street lamps and glittering lights on the surrounding hillsides lend to the charm. Couples walk around the San Blas fountain, or sit at Plaza Nazarenas and Plaza Regocijo, enjoying tranquil settings that evoke history and a sense of the past.  

Romance and discovery

Romance and intimacy extend beyond the city, into the Andes. Visiting the beautiful Sacred Valley and sharing new experiences, such as exploring Machu Picchu and other nearby destinations creates closeness with one’s travel companions, as together you witness a timeless culture, and enjoy the beautiful land where the ancient Incas thrived. 
But going a bit further, no experience could be as romantic and as intimate as a trek to the best of Peru’s Andes, the Route to Ausangate. Why is that?
Trekking in the best part of the Andes inevitably creates a spiritual connection to what is most important- to the people and the planet we love. As you hike observing and photographing stunning views along each stretch of the trail, more and more you’ll feel as one with your partner, and with the beautiful Earth we live on.
Andean Lodges offers exclusive private trekking experiences on Andes mountain trails along the Route to Ausangate, far from any crowds. Andean Lodges private trekking programs are designed only for you and your travel partner, or your few intimate friends and companions.

Relaxation for two

You leave behind all the worries and annoyances of modern life to explore a new world of tranquil and captivating landscapes.
The grandeur and solitude of these mountains will nurture your soul. It’s a world of snowcapped peaks and glaciers, unique rock formations, glittering lakes, bucolic valleys and meadows, where llamas and alpacas graze peacefully. Ausangate is a place where intimacy simply becomes deeper.
It is you and your partner, hiking at a leisurely pace on a private trek, accompanied only by our expert guides and a small herd of accompanying llamas. You and your partner are practically alone, but also perfectly safe and always well assisted, in the midst of amazing, pristine nature.

Resting together

Of course, the day’s hike can be a bit long, and as you start to get tired, suddenly there it is- an Andean Lodges ecolodge! In high mountain valleys, far from any other building or settlement, we offer you rest, good food and comfort at four of the best high mountain ecolodges in the world.
Each is strategically located with great views of mountains and lakes. And each is operated by our expert staff, all delightful local people who are ready to attend to your needs and ensure your comfort. 
Private double-occupancy rooms with comfy beds, hot showers, plenty of warm blankets are just what you want. Each room has a privileged view of the surroundings. Getting hungry? Each lodge has a team of expert chefs, all trained at Cusco’s best restaurants, who take pride in serving you delicious meals, healthy snacks and hot drinks made with local natural ingredients.
As evening goes by, you can sit by the fireplace and relax in total comfort. Or you can take a walk outside to gaze at millions of stars glittering in the crisp Andean night, in a spectacular display of the Milky Way. 
Oh, did I mention that at night the romantic ambience at each ecolodge is enhanced by small lamps and candlelight? No electricity means more intimacy, and a real opportunity to get away from it all during the magical nights of your Andean Lodges trek. 

Our philosophy

We at Andean Lodges believe that a trekking experience in the Andes should reaffirm your love of life and your intimacy with your partner. And that is why we have designed our private programs- to experience an Andean adventure with your partner, sharing life enhancing experiences in the best way possible.
Contact us at to reserve your private departure Ausangate trek. And for the first leg of the trip- a few wonderful days of cultural exploration and acclimatization in Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, please ask about our new specialized branch, Andean Excursions. We’re hoping to see you soon in Cusco!

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