The Andes Mountains of Peru, with dozen of peaks at over 18,000 ft., are the highest altitude mountain range in the world’s tropics.

The Andes, which extend the entire length of Peru, are the only mountains covered by glaciers in the tropics (the Himalayas are at subtropical latitude). Some of Peru’s most impressive and beautiful snowcapped peaks are in the Cusco region of southern Peru.

Cusco’s highest mountain, Mt. Ausangate (6,677m./ 20,945 ft.), has been venerated since ancient times by the local people as the Apu, sacred mountain and deity that protects the region’s families and its waters.

Ausangate is surrounded by numerous similarly imposing peaks. There, you you’re standing on top of the world, where time is suspended.

You breathe the pure crystalline air, as close to the sky as you can be, and you’re be filled by the spirit of the Andes.

Despite their magnificent natural beauty, these mountains are not as heavily visited as other world ranges, such as the Alps and the Himalayas.

Ausangate is now being discovered by hikers and climbers as one of the world’s best mountain destinations.

Trekking with Andean Lodges

At Andean Lodges, we specialize in all-inclusive, state-of-the-art trekking excursions to Mt. Ausangate. Our trekking programs provide you with options for choosing number of days, distance to hike, and to match your physical preparedness.
Our ecolodges make for comfortable, romantic overnight stays, providing all the good food, excellent service and tranquility you wish might for. You’ll be charmed by the kind, helpful Quechuapeople who are your hosts.
However, some people are prepared to take on more arduous high-mountain sports.
If that’s you, and you’re ready for daring adventures on an Andean Lodges trek, you’re invited for our challenging 9-day/ 8-night Summit of Mt. Ausangate program- it’s the best choice for more experienced climbers, or aspiring mountaineers learning high-altitude techniques.

The first three days consist of hikes in deep valleys to high passes, and stays at our ecolodges, in the middle of spectacular mountains.

Then, gradual approaches to the glaciers and preparation for ice climbing. You’ll camp overnight at our base camp for one or two nights, depending on conditions.

We’ll establish a fixed-rope route, and on the seventh day we reach the summit and you definitely touch the sky.

We’ve built flexibility built into this program, so that changes can be made along the way.
Most importantly- your safety is our main concern, and each of experienced local tour guides is fully trained in mountaineering techniques, wilderness emergency response and mountain rescue.
If you have less days available, another adventure hike equally worth your effort is the 6-day/ 5-night Nevado Mariposa Summit, where on day 5 you’ll climb this beautiful snowcap, having the choice of two summits, one being more difficult and technical.
We provide climbing gear , including including oxygen and full medical kit, and you’ll need two bring some essential gear of your own (see Gear List).


Please remember that mountains are challenging environments, and prior physical preparation is paramount.

A regime of aerobic exercise and hiking for several weeks before travel is essential; consulting with your doctor and a check-up prior to travel are highly recommended.

A few days of acclimatization are usually needed for our programs, and please remember that we offer full-service pre-trek acclimatization programs, with preparatory hikes at the altitude of Cusco.

To learn more and to join us on an unforgettable climb in the Andes Mountains of Peru, please contact us at

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