What a fine pleasure to find a warm, welcoming ecolodge after a long day’s hike in a splendid mountain landscape!
Your hot shower is followed by a sumptuous dinner of native Andean dishes made with wholesome local ingredients.

You sit with friends, some old, others new, soaking in the warmth and light of the fireplace. Warm drinks by candlelight, listening to an Inca legend as told by the lodge host or your expert guide. Rest comes easy; life just doesn’t get much better.

You might have to agree this could the very best way to do an Andes mountain adventure. Trekking fairly long days and occasionally steep trails in high mountains, at around 15, 000 ft. or more, is maybe something you don’t do every day.
Time to acclimatize in Cusco is recommended, and it’s best to be relatively fit and be ready for some longer hikes. Most visiting hikers manage the Ausangate trails with a bit of effort, and with few if any problems.
One great incentive of traveling in the Andes Mountains with Andean Lodges is the cozy comfort of our four ecolodges, waiting for your arrival at the end of each day on the trek.
Hearty home-style Andean food and a restful night’s sleep renew your energy for your next spectacular day of trekking.
When the going gets a bit tougher on the Mount Ausangate trail, you just look forward to a lovely evening at the next ecolodge, coming up right over the pass.
The settings of our four ecolodges are breathtaking, with high snowcapped peaks and rock formations above, with meadows, pastures and glacial lakes below.

The nighttime Andean skies are usually drenched in stars, glittering like you seldom get to see elsewhere. No artificial lights here, no neighboring hotels, no traffic. This are the remote Andes, where peace and tranquility are deep and infinite.

The ambient is one of rustic comfort. Each lodge has 8 double rooms, each equipped with a comfortable double bed, a private bath with hot (gas) shower, plenty of warm down comforters and blankets, plenty of candles and solar lamps (electric power is not available, bringing a small solar charger could be useful).

Your hosts, native Quechua villagers and experienced in hospitality services, are very welcoming people and are always there to serve you.

In the mornings, you awaken to hear the sweet tones of Andean songs. Expert Quechua weavers are there to show you their skills and handcrafts. Local llama and alpaca herders introduce you to their charming animals.

Our chefs, trained at the best restaurants in Cusco, prepare an array of delicious nourishing dishes that keep you satisfied and energized.

The story of how Anantapata Lodge, was built is an inspiration to all of us, since it was constructed with funding and labor of the local villagers.

This initial collaboration cemented ties of partnership and collaboration that years later continue to be the driving force behind our company’s work.

At Andean Lodges, our vision and effort is focused on creating sustainable, responsible tourism that brings together international visitors and local Andean people for mutual benefit, learning and enjoyment. Please book your Andean journey by visiting our website at: andeanlodges.com

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Operation team made up of community members trained as guides, kitchen staff, housekeeping, guardianship and maintenance.


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