Of course you’ve heard about it. Probably, some of your friends and family have visited- it’s on most savvy world travelers’ bucket list.
Machu Picchu is the most spectacular archeological site in South America. Its ancient mystery, the grandeur of its stone architecture, and the splendidly lush landscape of cloud forest and mountains attract people from around the world.
Which means that you also have to see it. At least once in your life, you need to experience the ancient “lost city” of the Incas. 
Machu Picchu is the most popular tourist destination in Peru. Which means that, yes, at times it’s a bit crowded, although improved regulations and controls are now limiting the numbers of visitors, in order to protect the site, and to provide a much better experience.
Crowds aside, Machu Picchu simply must be experienced, and now, this year, is the best time. The main season goes from March to October, with June and July being the peak of the season.

Cusco is more than one big attraction

Why limit yourself to only visiting the main attraction, when there is so much more that is unique to encounter in the Andes?
It makes perfect sense to begin your trip by acclimatizing in Cusco city, with its Inca and colonial architecture, excellent hotels and restaurants and cultural activities, then visit the Sacred Valley of the Incas, with its major archeological sites, and all kinds of fun outdoor activities, and then go on to a day or two at Machu Picchu. That’s the usual trip for most.
But then, you are adventurous and won’t be satisfied with the usual visit. You want to venture deeper into the Andes, to see how native Andeans have lived since ancient times, to take in sights and landscapes that will remain forever in your heart and mind.
The best idea is to crown your journey with a trekking tour to Ausangate, Cusco’s magnificent sacred mountain and to nearby Rainbow Mountain, with its unbelievably colorful soil strata. Now, that makes for a really complete and unforgettable bucket trip! 

Experience Cusco with Andean Lodges

And it is happening now! Andean Lodges, the best trekking and adventure outfitter in Peru, and its new brand Andean Excursions have crafted a full-service Andean adventure that includes this entire journey.
Our ten-day Ausangate Lodge Trek- Machu Picchu to Rainbow Mountain, starts you off with Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, and then continues on to Ausangate, where you’ll become one with the majestic beauty and solitude of the high Andes.
Forbes Magazine travel writer Katherine Parker-Magyar has recently written about this as one of the world’s ultimate bucket trips for this next decade. 
I’ll tell you more. You’ll trek on uncrowded trails, across meadows and valleys full of hundreds of grazing llamas and alpacas, past huge snowcapped peaks, pristine glacial lakes, and strange rock formations, including Rainbow Mountain. Phenomenal views greet you all along the way.
And you’ll rest comfortably each evening at an Andean Lodges tambo, among the best, most comfortable high-altitude ecolodges in the world. A cozy fireplace, warm beds, deliciously healthy food, and friendly hospitality and service are waiting for you and your travel companions at each of our four lodges.
You’ll meet the local Quechua native people, hear their stories and songs, witness the beautiful traditional weavings of the local Andean women and much more. What more could one possibly wish for on a journey to the high Andes?
Now is a perfect time! Please contact us at andeanlodges.com to reserve your ultimate Andean bucket trip. It can be the ultimate new Machu Picchu to Ausangate Trek, or any of our other excellent Ausangate trekking tours. Get ready to live an adventure in the Andes that you’ll never forget, and experience a whole new perspective of the world!

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