Mount Ausangate, at the center of the Vilcanota range, is Peru’s sacred mountain.

It is the place of pilgrimage to behold the snowcapped Apu, the protector deity the mountain that centers the Cusco region’s energy and protects its land and waters.

Its glaciers provide irrigation and precious drinking water for local farmers and their llamas and alpacas, thus sustaining a traditional way of life that is thousands of years old.

The goal is to walk among the world’s highest tropical mountains, in the bright, spectacular stillness of the Cordillera de los Andes.

This massive range extends some 4,300 miles from Colombia to southern Chile. At the heart of it exist Peru’s many cordilleras and sierras, enticing adventurous hikers to come and enjoy some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and cultures.

Ausangate is the trek of a lifetime- it must be lived to be believed, and you can be one with the mountain as you hike it.

And you can do an Andean Lodges adventure trek with your friends and family, enjoying warm, comfortable nights and hot showers at our cozy (semi) rustic ecolodges.

Wonderful tasty meals and hot drinks made with wholesome ingredients by our expert chefs. Expert mountain guides to accompany you on every step of the way, with caravans of llamas to carry the gear.

Candlelit evenings by the fireplace, endless stars above faraway valleys, no electric lights needed. Total tranquility.

If you’re interested in an expertly-run trek with comfortable overnight stays in the Andes Mountains, you will need to look at our Ausangate trekking programs on the Finding your Journey link of our website,
Each of our seven programs for trekking Ausangate has a different route, itinerary and number of days.


The trekking route and the ecolodges you’ll visit depends on your choice of an Andean Lodges trekking program.
Our programs range from 2-days, 1-night (Vinincunca, Rainbow Mountain) up to several days and nights, including stays in double rooms with private bath at our unique ecolodges.
We offer private departures for all our trips; three programs also feature more economical fixed departures.

Trip distances go from our shortest trek, at 12 and-a-half miles, to the longest 6-day loop at 36 miles.

The full circuit of Ausangate, with stays at all four ecolodges, can be best experienced by joining our Trail of the Apu (5-d/4-n) or Hatun Pampa programs.
Our most complete tour, the Trail of the Herders, gives you a deeper Andean experience, with a full
7-days/6-nights, including a rest day, to really take in the mountains and the pristine surroundings at a more relaxed pace.


On some of our Ausangate treks, at a high pass you’ll reach altitudes at about 17,000 ft. (5,200 m.) above sea level.
On a high-altitude trek unexpected situations can occur from time to time, such as altitude-related health issues. In over a decade, we’ve had very few incidents that have posed any risks to our clients.
You can feel reassured knowing that each member of our team of professional mountain guides is fully trained in mountain safety and rescue techniques, and always ready to respond in any urgent situation.

We carry oxygen, a full medical kit, and although very seldom used, a hyperbaric chamber in case of serious altitude sickness.

We also offer acclimatization programs at lower altitudes to prepare for your Ausangate trek, and build up your strength and lung capacity with some lighter hiking, while enjoying the charming ancient city of Cusco.

We’re hoping this overview of Andean Lodges trekking programs has piqued your interest in trekking the Andes, and we look forward to meeting you in Peru.

Send a message with all your questions to: info@andeanlodges.comor give us a call at +51 84 224 613.

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