By ensuring the safety and comfort of all our travelers, we help everyone to get the most out of our Ausangate Trek, while enjoying a rich experience of connection with the mountains.

At Andean Lodges, your personal safety is definitely our main concern. Thus, we’ve established guidelines and safety practices that make sure that your Ausangate adventure is safe, challenging and fun.

In communication at all times

Given that we trek on some of the highest hiking trails in the Andes, cell phone and internet reception is not available most of the time.

In case of any emergency, all of our guides are equipped with satellite phones. If ever the need arises, they can establish immediate communications with rescue crews and medical personnel.

Well prepared for emergencies

Andean Lodges offers our guides specialized courses in first-aid emergency care and pre-hospital treatment for treating any potential injuries in mountain settings.

Each of our guides has taken part in our Outdoor Emergency Care training program.

Our guides are well trained in outdoor rescue techniques and emergency care, and can provide immediate, efficient medical care in case of any emergency.

Although over the years we have had few serious emergencies on the Trek, all of our guides are very well trained to deal with any such situation.

The best emergency equipment at your disposal

Trekking and hiking at high altitude involves dealing with low oxygen conditions while making a considerable physical effort while hiking.

This can occasionally lead to Acute Mountain Sickness (ACS), the symptoms of which can be greatly reduced with a prompt supply of oxygen given to the affected person.

Thus, we have oxygen tanks available on the Trek for any traveler who might require oxygen.

For more severe symptoms of AMS, we have a hyperbaric chamber. Although using the chamber will sadly mean that the traveler will need to end their trek, it can be of great benefit in any severe case, which is quite rare, but could potentially happen.

Animal helpers along the way

We travel accompanied by llamas that help carry loads on our treks, as they did for centuries for the Incas, since this hardy animal is physically well-adapted for handling heavy loads at high altitudes.

And if you get tired while hiking and need a break and a change of pace, we also trek with horses that love carrying our travelers, who can then ride for a stretch while enjoying the impressive views and beautiful skies.

Please be sure to visit our main website for more information on the unique travel experiences Andean Lodges has to offer you at:

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