Andean Lodges is very proud to announce the birth of our new special brand: Andean Excursions!
After over 10 years of operating the best adventure treks in Peru’s southern Andes on the Route to Ausangate, we’re expanding the options we offer our guests for travel to Cusco with Andean Excursions. Our new branch for custom-designed acclimatization tours.
We can now offer you the most exciting opportunities for exploring the Inca capital of Cusco, the beautiful Sacred Valley, and many more destinations in the surrounding region.
Our goal is to provide you with outstanding activities and opportunities, while acclimatizing gradually as you explore Cusco city and its surroundings. You’ll have time to visit the best archeological highlights in and around Cusco, and to enjoy short hikes to wonderful overlooks near the city and in the Sacred Valley.
You’ll also experience the best of Andean culture, cuisine and night life. There’s much see and a lot of to fun things do in Cusco!

The perfect way to acclimatize

Why do you need to acclimatize in the Andes? Well, at over 12,000 ft. Cusco’s altitude can pose a bit of a challenge as you let your body become accustomed to less oxygen.
Although most visitors have little or no problem with altitude, sometimes arriving here brings some discomfort, shortness of breath and less energy. Occasionally, some people might get a touch of altitude sickness, especially if they rush into action and don’t take a few necessary days to get used to the altitude. 
You can take in all the key sights of Cusco at your own pace by joining an Andean Excursions acclimatization program. Your first few days in Cusco can include fascinating tours to the Inca’s the Temple of the Sun, to the grand Cusco Cathedral and other colonial-era churches, and to the traditional San Pedro market.
Near Cusco, you’ll visit the legendary Sacsayhuaman, with its enormous ramparts of Inca stones, the Incas fountain at Tambo Machay, and the ancient Inca sites of Pisac and Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley. And these are just some of the key destinations that no visitor should miss in Cusco. 
Our short hikes are perfect for acclimatizing as you get your body into great shape for your longer trek to the Ausangate region.

What to do after a short hike?

Most hikes are a few hours long to hillside overlooks where you’ll enjoy great views of the ancient Imperial City, and the surrounding mountains and valleys- it’s just enough hiking for a day or half-day. That should get you back to your hotel on time for a bit of rest before a wonderful night out in Cusco.
You can enjoy dining at our many fine restaurants, have a few delicious drinks at one or two of the many pubs, or maybe a dance club, and simply stroll about in the charming Cusco evening.

Machu Picchu

Oh, did we forget Machu Picchu? Of course we didn’t! The most famous and spectacular archeological site in South America can be the highlight of your Andean Excursions acclimatization program! Please contact us at our new website: to ask us about designing your customized itinerary for your private Andean Excursions acclimatization program.
How about a cooking class to learn how to prepare tasty Peruvian delicacies? Ready for a textile weaving workshop with expert indigenous weavers?  How about a pisco tasting tour of the best bars to savor cocktails made with Peru’s own fine grape brandy?

One more important point

Just as with Andean Lodges, every trip booked with Andean Excursions contributes directly to our mission of ensuring the economic growth and wellbeing of our associated local Quechua communities.
Our close collaboration with the traditional people of the Andes is a hallmark of our efforts. And your trip with us is a welcome contribution to this worthy initiative!
Name your wish, and Andean Excursions will dedicate our expertise to arranging your itinerary in the best way possible, and for the length of time you wish. Remember, we’re very experienced Cusco travel experts, and we’ll do it just right for you.
You’re invited to join us for your Andean Excursions acclimatization tour- it’s the perfect prelude to your trek to Ausangate with Andean Lodges, one of the most amazing mountain trekking experiences in the Andes Mountains!

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