Birds are definitely some of the most important and beautiful creatures on Earth. Peru, with its over 1,800 bird species, is a world center of bird biodiversity.
The monitoring and conservation of bird species populations are essential tasks for ornithologists, ecologists and birdwatchers worldwide.

The Global Big Day

With those goals in mind, the 2019 Global Big Day of bird observation and population counts took place on May 4th, 2019 in Peru’s Andean region of Mt. Ausangate, in the district of Pitumarca.
Organized by the Association for the Conservation and Study of Andean-Amazonian Mountains (ACEEMA), this bird observation marathon was joined by members of Andean Lodges, the Pitumarca Municipality, the native community of Chillca and the Association for Tropical Research (AIT-Peru).

The Bird Observation Marathon

Two groups of observers participated in the bird count, which covered areas of the Ananiso Canyon, and wetlands around Chillca and Lake Sibinaccocha.

The first group (around Ananiso Canyon) counted 33 species, of which 18 were not seen by the second group. The second group of observers counted 31 species, of which 16 were not registered by the first group.
The combined species count for both groups totaled 49 species, and photos were taken of several species. Some notable species seen are the Puna Ibis, Chilean Flamingo, Andean Swift, and Cordilleran Canastero.
The total global results of bird counts for 2019 put Peru in second place worldwide, after Colombia, in highest number of species counted. A link to view the 2019 counts and bird listings can be found at: .
The work is ongoing, with bird species surveys tentatively scheduled for October, a period when many migrating species are passing through the Andean region.
This concerted research effort clearly shows that Peru’s beautiful southern Andes Mountains, at an altitude of over 4,000 meters above sea level, is an important area for both bird watchers and researchers.
To find out more, and to visit this still pristine natural region of the Andes, please contact:

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