Great food is more than an interesting aspect of Peruvian culture. It’s essentially the national obsession. Yes, Peru is a country of dedicated foodies, and we welcome all visitors who want to share in our flavorful culinary adventures.
Cusco food, in the ancient capital of the Incas, does not fall behind in Peru’s quest for great dining. More and more, Cusco  is becoming renowned worldwide for its diverse, very delicious cuisine.
For Cusqueños, our delectable food is a source of pride and one of the greatest of pleasures. Cusco also has it all- Andean traditional and fusion cuisine, fresh seafood, international fine dining, casual comfort food, and much, much more to offer.
In Cusco city ’s historic downtown you’ll find state-of-the-art fine dining, as well as restaurants that serve hearty Peruvian home cooked dishes, great burgers, excellent pizza – you name it; the variety is huge, and Cusco offers options for every taste and budget.

The best places to eat

Let us explore dining in Cusco , at a few of the many fine restaurants.

  • The MAP Café, located on the charming little Plaza de Nazarenas, is a small gourmet venue specializing in fusion-style Peruvian and Andean cuisine.
    The food is wonderful and highly rated. Note that they have a minimum price per person for your meals, and the food and wine list are excellent, but not cheap.
  • If fine Asian fusion cuisine is your preference, Limo is definitely the place. Located on Cusco’s Plaza de Armas in the next block from the Cathedral, the ambience is sophisticated, and the bistro-style dishes are mouth-watering.
    The varied menu features a combination of Japanese and Peruvian styles, with superb sushi, seafood, beef and vegetable offerings, great desserts and amazing cocktails.
  • In Peru, you just cannot miss tasting the world’s finest seafood dishes, and in particular our national dish- ceviche. And the restaurant to enjoy the best ceviche is named just that- Ceviche Seafood Kitchen.
    Also located on the Plaza de Armas, it’s a favorite among visitors for its exceptional, beautifully-presented food and its great drinks. And if so inclined, the menu also offers vegetarian options.
  • A great pizza will often do the trick, accompanied by an excellent craft beer, in a casual atmosphere, with great service.
    That would be at Bodega 138, where a huge variety of oven-baked pizzas (thin, crispy crust!) await for your hungry taste buds. They also serve excellent pasta dishes and salads. And you won’t spend too much for all of that.
  • Ok, you’re just craving a good ol’ burger and fries, and a refreshing brew or cocktail. For that, Papacho’s, is the special place, with a Peruvian flavor twist to the proverbial world beef favorite. The options are varied and the flavors are enticing.
  • Naturally, since this is one of the many restaurants designed by Gaston Acurio, one of Peru’s most famous chefs. The ambient is casual, with crazy artwork, good music, and if you’re lucky you might get a balcony table overlooking the Plaza de Armas. Abundant portions- you won’t go away hungry.

These are just a few of the best…we have many more to tell you about. All right, now my mouth is watering, and it’s lunch time in Cusco- I’m going out for some tasty food!
Hey fellow foodies, to find out more about fine eating in Cusco, contact us at

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