Famous for the incredible natural colors of its geological strata, the Rainbow Mountain or Vinicunca is a must-see for anyone seeking to discover Peru’s best natural highlights.
What do travelers find at Vinicunca Mountain?
Peru’s Rainbow Mountain is a magnificent natural attraction that has awed and captured travelers’ imaginations for centuries.
Located about 140 km southeast of the city of Cusco and rising 16,000 feet into Andean skies, this mountain range formed around 20 million years ago.
The Vinicunca was shaped by thick multihued bands of mineral deposits, which through the ages have colored and compacted the sandstone rock strata. This gives the ground a horizontal rainbow pattern, an extraordinary geological formation that is unique in the world.
What is the Vinicunca weather like?
As you prepare to visit the Andes you should keep in mind the golden rule that the drier, cooler months are usually the best for travel in the mountains.
During June to September, while the coast and jungle are in mid-winter, the Ausangate region and the Vinicunca enjoy sunny dry weather, which makes it the best time for experiencing the amazing landscapes of the Andes.
How does one get to Vinicunca Mountain?
Given than tourism has increased in the area, there are many tour operators from the city of Cusco that visit the Vinicunca.
We must caution you- such conventional tours are often too short and overcrowded. Visiting the mountain with a large group can impair or lessen what really should be an unforgettable experience.
Why travel to the Vinicunca with us?
At Andean Lodges, when we began to visit the Vinicunca about 15 years ago, it was one of the highlights of our treks. However, we didn’t want to focus only on this fragile area, so we extended our adventure treks all around majestic Ausangate mountain.
That’s why we trek to Vinicunca Mountain as part of a two-day or longer trip, thus producing fewer negative impacts on the environment and the local communities, while offering a more complete in-depth trekking experience for our travelers.
Most of our treks go through the Vinicunca, and we go there early in the morning to avoid the most crowded hours. That way, our travelers can enjoy the beauty and solitude of the mountain with less distractions, in its most tranquil and natural state.
Book a tour with us today to enjoy the best possible trekking experience in the Andes Mountains!

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