As you travel with us, the food you’ll enjoy features direct-from-the-earth local natural ingredients, and traditional cooking techniques that our cooks have adapted to modern culinary standards.

Peru offers its visitors exceptionally diverse and delicious cuisine. The immense variety of foods are grown, bred and harvested in three distinct regions, across different altitudes and ecosystems. Peru’s cuisine delights both travelers and those of us lucky enough to have been born here. We Peruvian love our food!

The culinary offerings of the Andes include very tasty and unique treats for anyone interested in tasting and discovering more.

The land is at the core

Native Andean farmers are dedicated stewards of the land they farm. Organic food production techniques dating back many centuries are preserved and adapted to modern cooking. For example, Andean farmers are the caretakers of over 3,000 varieties of potatoes, some of which are used in popular special dishes.

Native farmers often thank the land and the local deities for the bountiful fruits, vegetables and animals they provide. Traditional rituals in the Andes involve blessing the land for providing us with good nutrition and wellbeing.

Keeping it simple

Cooking methods in the Andes are usually simple and straightforward, with the use of mild seasonings that ensure easy digestion.

The menu often includes hearty, nutritious dishes made with beef, lamb, pork or cuy (guinea pig).

Steamed corn with cheese, quinoa soup, roasted corn kernels, special salads, and potatoes with creamy sauces are other savory native dishes served in the Andes.

The most popular Andean feast is the Pachamanca, in which a mix of different meats is marinated in chicha de jora (maize beer) and herbs, and along with fava beans, potatoes and humitas (sweet tamales) wrapped in corn husks, is all slow-cooked overnight on hot rocks inside a large covered hole in the ground.

This more elaborate ancient cooking technique brings out the earthy flavors of the traditional foods, and makes for a tasty, diverse feast that’s also easily digestible. Consider this a splendid Andean barbecue.

Great cooks and delicious, healthy food at our four eco-lodges

When it comes to the food we serve at our eco-lodges, this takes shape as a combination of traditional cooking techniques, the use of high-quality local ingredients, and the utmost concern for food safety practices. Dishes are adapted to a range of dietary preferences, including vegetarian offerings.

Toward those ends, we’ve trained a wonderful team of dedicated, creative cooks to staff each of our eco-lodge kitchens. This has been possible thanks to the many workshops and cooking classes we’ve organized over the years for our local cooks and kitchen assistants. Over time, they’ve taken the creation of flavorful dishes using local ingredients to an art form.

The close collaboration and synergy we’ve created together with the local communities is something we’re especially proud of is. At Andean Lodges, we take great pride in helping local communities to preserve their culture and traditions, and in providing local people with good jobs and new economic opportunities. As you travel with us, you’ll experience our wonderful staff’s hospitality, efficiency and friendliness.

We’re delighted to offer you the experience of trekking the sacred mountain Apu Ausangate. Book your trip today to experience the amazing beauty of Peruvian Andes and the authenticity of its rich cultures and culinary delights.

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