A trekking adventure across the Andes Mountains is, without a doubt, one of the greatest experiences to anyone who loves to travel. There are, however, many misconceptions people have about, Peru, the andes and, of course, trekking.
In this article we would like to dispel any doubts and, maybe, motivate you to come to the Peruvian Andes and live life to the fullest.

I’ll have to speak Spanish to trek in Peru.

No, you won’t have to speak Spanish. Our guides are all bilingual. They speak good English, and will communicate with you easily to guide you safely and meet your needs.

And of course, our office staff is entirely bilingual. Feel free to call us!

Trekking outfitters in Peru are informal and inexperienced.

Wrong! Andean Lodges is very experienced in Andes mountain trekking programs. Our company has over ten years of operating the very best state-of-the-art treks in the Ausangate region.
We pride ourselves on our track record and our ability to create extraordinary trekking experiences for all our travelers. Our dedicated staff members are well-trained, efficient and always helpful.

Good guides are not available.

Not so. Our guides are all professional mountaineering experts with many years of experience. All have extensive training in safety procedures, emergency medical treatment, and mountain rescue and evacuation.

They are also very well-informed and helpful, and they enjoy sharing interesting facts and stories with our trekkers.

I’ll have to carry a lot of heavy gear.

Nope. Our llama caravans will carry most of the gear, you just carry a light backpack.
By having llamas with their local Quechua drivers on our treks, we create good jobs, while also validating the importance of the ancient Andean culture and way of life.

I’ll have to camp out in the cold, and won’t be able to shower.

Definitely not! Our treks are based on overnight stays at our comfortable ecolodges, where you’ll enjoy blazing fireplaces, plenty of down comforters and wool blankets, delicious healthy food, and yes- hot showers (gas-fired).

True, we don’t have electricity at the lodges, but candlelight and lamps make for a relaxing, romantic ambience. You’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep before every wonderful day of trekking!

In case of an emergency, we’ll be isolated and without communication.

Not so, Andean Lodges has satellite phones available on every trek to contact emergency medical teams, and we’re accompanied by an emergency horse for evacuations, or just to ride if you get tired.
Your full safety and wellbeing on your Ausangate trek is our number-one concern.

Tours in Peru are not sustainable and create negative environmental and social impacts.

Not true. At Andean Lodges we are very conscious of the impacts of tourism. Our mission is based on sustainable business practices, and on close collaboration with our partner native communities.

We compensate for our carbon dioxide emissions through conservation and reforestation of Amazon forests, and your trip with AL will be 100% carbon-free.

Tour agencies in Peru pay their workers low salaries.

Not so Andean Lodges. Our treks are 100% operated by local community members from the traditional Quechua towns of Chillca and Osefina.

They earn fair wages, higher than the minimum wage, and with benefits. They are also stakeholders in the company, which gives them full decision-making power in Andean Lodges’ operations.

The food isn’t very good on these treks.

Well, that’s not at all true. At every one of our lodges, our chefs are proud to serve a wide diversity of delicious food. They’ve all trained extensively in workshops at Cusco’s most exclusive restaurants.

Meals include hearty breakfasts to start the day, delectable dishes at dinnertime, and excellent picnic lunches and snacks on the trail.

We serve organic, locally-grown whole foods, including many Andean vegetables and fruits, such as quinoa dishes, Peru’s delicious varieties of potatoes, and much more. Vegetarians will be happy!

For extra protein- healthy, sustainable alpaca steak or trout will satisfy you. You won’t go hungry with Andean Lodges, we promise you!

It’s not safe, we could get lost in the Andes, or robbed on the trail.

Not a chance. The Road to Ausangate, our exclusive circuit of trails around the majestic mountain, is well established and safe.
We’ve been operating treks there for many years, with no incidents of lost hikers or trail robberies. Our guides and caravan drivers know the trails of their sacred mountain like the backs of their hands, and we’re well-prepared for any emergency.
Please remember, for all of us at Andean Lodges, your safety and wellbeing is always our principal concern. You’ll be safe trekking to Ausangate!

So, perhaps you had some different ideas about treks in the Andes…and maybe now, you’re ready to find out more about reserving your unforgettable Andean Lodges mountain trekking experience in Peru. To do so, please contact us at andeanlodges.com.


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