Summiting southern Peru’s most beautiful and sacred mountain, Ausangate, is the perfect test for both experienced and newer mountaineers.
At 20,945 ft. (6,384 m.), this Apu (or sacred mountain deity) the fifth highest peak in Peru, and one of the highest in the world’s tropics.
This breathtaking mountain is surrounded by other imposing peaks in Peru’s Vilcanota Range, and is much less crowded than many of the Himalayas most popular climbs.
Our Ausangate summit climb provides climbers with a more personal experience of challenge and contact with the yet unspoiled solitude of the high Andes.

The Andean Lodges Experience

Andean Lodges’ Summit of Ausangate program offers you the best possible way to climb Ausangate, without undergoing extreme hardships, but getting to the top safely together with professional guides, and enjoying some rest along the way.
Our 9-day program gets you to the top gradually, with some nights at our superb ecolodges to rest and recuperate before each day of setting up high camp, tracing the route, fixing ropes and getting ready for your bid for the summit.
Our climb involves plenty of learning, making it ideal for newer mountaineers who want to gain more skills.
However, you can be sure that it is a tough climb, and it does require some prior mountaineering experience. And one important thing to learn is what gear you need to bring with you on your Ausangate summit climb.

Choosing the right gear

Let’s start with the basics- you’ll need well-insulated mountaineering boots, and make sure that you’ve broken them in on several prior hikes and climbs.
Warm socks, either wool or synthetic or both. Excellent thermal undergarments are readily available from the best outdoor clothing outfitters, such as REI.
Fleece and down jackets and pants are best for your middle layer. Your outer layer, the most important, should be light, waterproof high-quality mountaineering wear. Gaiters will keep your legs dry and warm in the snow, and insulated gloves are essential.

Gear for the daring ones

As for more specialized gear, do bring your hiking poles- you’ll hike extensively at Ausangate. For the climb itself, you will need a light, well-cushioned mountaineering helmet for protection, and crampons for climbing on ice and snow. These items are indispensable.
But don’t forget the small stuff! Good quality UV-protection sunglasses, high-SPF sunblock, a wide-brimmed hat, and lip balm are crucial for protecting your eyes and skin in the bright sun of the Andes.
Other necessary small items include: a warm wool cap, a headlamp (with extra batteries), your small, personal first-aid kit (Andean Lodges carries a full medical kit and oxygen), a good water bottle or camel pack, a knife or multi-tool, and duct tape (for repairs). A solar charger will keep your camera and batteries charged.

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