From poles to bottles, the extra gear you bring will enhance your experience while trekking or hiking the Andes to the limit.

Once you have chosen right hiking clothes and footwear, the next step is finding extra gear to take with you.

Even though we have helpful llamas traveling with us to help carry gear, still do keep in mind that bringing just what’s necessary is always better than over-packing.

To help you with packing, we’ve listed some essential gear to bring on your next high-altitude adventure.

Travel baggage

Backpack: yes, we’re stating the obvious, but it’s important to remember that you’ll need some of your stuff handy on our treks, and there’s nothing better than a small or medium-sized backpack for that. Pack it lightly, as you’ll carry it on your back for long stretches.

Duffel bag: since they’re easier to strap on a llama than a suitcase, we recommend bringing most of your baggage in the duffel bag we will provide you during the pre-trip briefing.

Extra trekking gear

Hiking poles: essential to lessen the impact on your knees during downhill hiking, and to help you with balance throughout.

Pack liner: a waterproof outer shell or a pack liner will keep your belongings dry inside your backpack.

Hats: be sure to get a comfortable, breathable hat for your trip, with a wide brim to protect you from UV rays. Wool caps are great for warmth. Nice Andean wool caps or chullos, can easily be found in Cusco or Lima prior to your trip.

Trekking or hiking accessories

Headlamp: a handy headlamp let’s you keep both hands free on nighttime strolls.

Camera: you’ll be seeing the most spectacular views and sights in the Andes, so be sure to bring enough batteries and memory cards for the trip. There is no electricity or internet connection on the trek, so charging or backing up won’t be possible until you’re back in Cusco. Solar chargers and long-life batteries might be excellent options.

Multitool knife: these can come in handy in case anything needs to be fixed or cut.

Eyewear: at 15,000 feet you’re close to intense sunlight, so be sure to bring quality sunglasses with good UV protection. If you wear contact lenses, bring contact lens fluid for the trail.

Skin care: high-SPF sunscreen and lip balm are essential to protect your skin and lips from the intense sunlight and dry mountain air.


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