Through TourCert certification, Andean Lodges forms part of a worldwide community of certified companies, consultants, auditors, certifications councils, employees and associates who have joined together to develop and guarantee joint action models for sustainable tourism, based on fair relationships, respect for human rights, and the responsible use of resources. TourCert brings together experts in tourism, science, the environment, development, and policy for the purpose of certifying enterprises that meet the highest standards of quality and social responsibility. This certification is based on the Guidelines for ISO Quality Management, EMAS Environmental Management, and the Guide for Social Responsibility (ISO 2006). In addition, it is accredited by the World Council on Sustainable Tourism.

The TourCert label commits us to continue improving our environmental policies, labor conditions and client information, as well as establishing fair trade relationships, ensuring that the agreements with our service providers take into consideration environmental, socio-cultural and economic criteria in the provision of services, and in the design and selection of our travel products.


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