Peru’s Andes Mountains, especially in Cusco, have a privileged climate that offers travelers enjoyment at all times of the year. Yes, you might have heard or read that the dry season, from May to September, is the best time for a trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu. Maybe, but not necessarily! So, when is the best time to travel to Cusco?
The right time to travel to Cusco depends on your preferences: what types of activities and what kind of weather you enjoy most. That’s because here all times of the year offer great activities and pleasant weather. It all depends on what you like!

Dry Season

The dry season in the Andes is great for many reasons- mainly less rain. But it can rain, and in the past few years, dry season has had substantial rainfall. Also, it’s colder, especially at night. Daytime weather in Cusco city in dry season is often perfect- sunny and moderately warm outdoors, around 68 to 70°F. But then, temperature drops sharply as the evening comes, down into the low 30s. The dry season is also peak season for tourism, and thus more crowded. The Inti Raymi solstice festival in late June is Cusco’s most important and well-attended yearly festival. 
Dry season is the ideal time for higher mountain treks, where you can get away from any crowds. That’s especially true for the best trekking adventures in the Andes- the Route to Ausangate, Cusco’s spectacular sacred mountain and its surrounding valleys.
Andean Lodges is the most experienced adventure travel outfitter offering Ausangate treks, with many years of experience and four of the most outstanding mountain ecolodges in the world. Check out our Ausangate trekking programs at our website at:, for state-of-the-art in Andean treks. Ausangate treks are our specialty!


We have expanded, with our new branch Andean Excursions offering many more options for travelers that seek first-rate travel experiences and exceptional value. We operate acclimatization programs that include the very best cultural experiences in Cusco, combined with shorter day or half-day hikes on lovely trails, which prepared you physically for your more challenging Ausangate trek.
And we now offer unique multi-activity programs all year, including the Andean summer season from November to April, when you should expect more rain, but not always and not that much. And yes, summer is warmer than dry season- very pleasant weather and a great season to be in Cusco! 

Wet season

Personally, after a few years of living in Cusco, my preferred season is the wetter summer. For one thing- it doesn’t rain constantly, and many days are perfectly warm and dry, a bit more humid, often partly cloudy. The weather is varied and changes fast, so you should be prepared for sudden rain showers- it reminds me of springtime in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, but it’s warmer. And it’s so beautiful! 
Summer in Cusco is much greener than dry season, it’s a lovely green that covers the hillsides. In the city and at top tourist destinations, it is less crowded between October and April. Maybe it is not the very best time for a longer high mountain trek, but there are plenty of lower-altitude hikes to enjoy.
If you want to know a secret- May and September are two of the very best months to visit the Andes, in-between the more marked seasons. In Cusco it’s perfect! But whichever time of the year you choose, you are guaranteed a superb trip with Andean Lodges. We’re dedicated to our guests full satisfaction, and to ensuring that each traveler enjoys the experience of a lifetime in the Andes, in every season!

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