We’re approaching the end of another year. For many of us, it’s a good time to look forward to the next year. and to wonder- what great adventure will I embark upon this coming year?
What kinds of awesome challenges would really satisfy me and my travel partners? What unique cultural experiences do I long for? Where should I go for my next really great trip?

An authentic andean adventure

Maybe you’ve dreamed about a visit to Peru, to the Andes Mountains, to the land of the Incas. That would be natural- travelers from around the world find their way to South America’s most fascinating and diverse country, to its majestic mountains and to Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, to the nearby Sacred Valley, and to Machu Picchu, the spectacular “lost city” that for every visitor inspires a such sense of awe and wonder.
Why not experience such a great destination in the best way possible- start with an acclimatization tour with our new branch, Andean Excursions. We specialize in arranging 2 to 4-day customized tours that help you to gradually adapt to Cusco’s altitude (about 11,000 ft./ 3,400 m.a.s.l.).
Including excellent short hikes, along with visits to the most important Inca archeological sites, plus colonial-era attractions, and all the other highlights that Cusco offers- fine dining, great pubs and nightlife, and many diverse experiences of Andean culture. 
But that should just be the beginning, because a really perfect trip should include a trek on the Route to Ausangate, the most splendid scenic region of the southern Andes. And that is best done with Andean Lodges, the most experienced adventure travel outfitter in Cusco and one of the best in Peru.  

The perfect trekking adventure

We are not exaggerating in saying that trekking with Andean lodges is an ultimate adventure!
In the mountains of Ausangate you’ll find inner peace and awe-inspiring beauty, as you connect mind, body and soul with the natural world of the Andes. You can be sure of one thing- being there is a life-transforming experience!
First of all, we offer you professionally organized programs of different lengths (from two days to seven days) on the Route to Ausangate, as you hike on trails that are entirely unspoiled and uncrowded, in one of the most spectacular and picturesque landscapes in the world.
Ausangate, Cusco’s sacred mountain deity, and the protector of life and waters, is a massive, beautiful mountain (20,945 ft./ 6,384 m.a.s.l.). It is surrounded by many more snowcapped peaks, glaciers, waterfalls, pristine glacial lakes and lovely mountain meadows where dozens of llamas and alpacas graze.

Exploring the Rainbow Mountain

Oh, and if you’ve heard about Peru’s Rainbow Mountain, or Vinicunca,  a multicolored mountain unique in the world- you should know that most of tour trekking programs include a visit to this amazing site, and we do it at the best times to experience and photograph it, early, when few hikers are present. 
Second, you’ll be accompanied by experienced professional guides, all highly trained in mountain safety procedures and emergency medical care. You’ll hike alongside our caravan of lovely llamas, which carry most of your gear. You simply enjoy the hike, photograph the impressive views and take it all in. Totally safe, and entirely perfect!  
Third, our treks include overnight stays at one or more of Andean Lodges four outstanding ecolodges, the best and highest up in Peru. Each lodge is strategically situated in the valleys to take advantage of spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and lakes, far from any settlements. You really are in the very heart of the Andes! 

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