Climbers and mountaineers are a special breed. It takes will, motivation, and physical and mental preparation to reach a high snowcapped mountain summit.
The glorious experience of a summit climb is something that many people seek, but it involves risk. Mountaineers know that risk exists on any climb, but it is worth taking. Thus, climbing with an experienced professional outfitter makes it a more fulfilling and safer experience.
An essential component of mountaineering  is having experienced professional guides to lead the way up. That goes along with having excellent mountain gear , and a well-trained back-up team that is always prepared for any potential emergency, including treating injuries or carrying out evacuations.
Andean Lodges, with over ten years of experience organizing adventure travel  experiences in the Cusco  region, provides you with all of this and more.
Andean Lodges  offers outstanding treks and climbs in the Ausangate region, the crown jewel of Peru’s Andes. Mt. Ausangate  (20,945 ft./ 6,384 m. above sea level) is one of the world’s most beautiful mountains.
It has been revered since ancient times by the region’s native Quechua people and their Inca ancestors as an Apu, a mountain deity and protector of the region’s waters and people.

The Andean Lodges experience

If you’re looking for an outstanding, professionally-operated summit climb, and want to avoid crowds on the way up, Andean Lodges has two great programs for climbs of two the most beautiful peaks in the Andes .
Our 9-day/ 8-night Summit of Apu Ausangate program takes you to the top of this awe-inspiring sacred mountain on a climb that will challenge you and satisfy your urge to reach the summit, yet with plenty of training included, and without the extreme hardship that some climbs might require.
The first several days involve gradual approaches, technical training and preparatory climbs up to high passes. Most nights, the team returns to rest at our cozy mountain ecolodges.
Each day, we’ll traverse passes and glaciers, install ropes, and in general prepare for the arduous approach to the summit. On day 8, after a night of camping on the mountain, we finally reach the summit.
Remember, the Ausangate summit climb is not for beginners- it requires good physical condition, and a certain level of climbing experience and technical expertise.
Our second option for a great climb in the Andes is perhaps a bit easier and more adequate for newer climbers. Our 6-day/ 5-night Mariposa Summit Climb, goes to the top of Mt. Mariposa (butterfly in Spanish), its summit at 19,029 ft./ 5,800 m. above sea level.
Also located in the Vilcanota Range, the trek to Mt. Mariposa takes you through a gorgeous landscape of colorful geologic formations, mountain meadows with grazing llamas and alpacas (probable glimpses of graceful wild vicuñas), and awesome views of imposing Mt. Ausangate in the distance.
Nights are spent at our ecolodges, where we serve excellent meals, so you’ll be well-fed and full of energy for each day, before aiming for the long summit climb on the fifth day.
Ice climbing is involved, and you’ll have a choice of two summits, with the second ideal for climbers with more technical experience.

Safety and Privacy

Recent events in the Himalayas make it evident that climbing alongside large crowds is more dangerous and less satisfying.
Both of our programs take you on non-commercial routes, where you’ll likely not even see other climbing expeditions. So, why not opt for a great summit climb with Andean Lodges at pristine Ausangate?
It will be you and the mountain, with our team of experts nearby to provide essential support.
Please contact us at to find out more, and to reserve a superb Andes summit climb.

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