Peru is world-known for its incredible biodiversity. Its numerous species, unique habitats and 84 spectacular natural ecosystems make it a truly “megadiverse” country.
The richness of the country’s flora and fauna is astounding. With over 1,800 species of birds, 4,000 butterflies, 500 mammals, 300 reptiles, over 25,000 plants and many more species, many of them endemic, the importance of environmental action to conserve the incredible biological wealth of Peru is paramount.
We are very aware of the risks that our wildlife and natural places are facing. Deforestation has impacted large swathes of the country’s Amazon forest, due to extractive activities such as logging, oil exploration, gold mining and cattle ranching.
Andean landscapes, although perhaps less impacted than the forests, are also at risk from overuse, unplanned development and accompanying pollution, as well as from climate disruption, which affects our glaciers and waters.

Our environmental responsibility

As a socially and environmentally responsible business, Andean Lodges is deeply committed to helping preserve the environmental integrity of our beautiful country, and to conserving its precious wildlife and still-pristine habitats.
We’re pro-active collaborators in many projects to conserve Peru’s environment , and we are dedicated to creating a new model for sustainable ecotourism .
Sustainable land use, habitat preservation and responsible business practices go hand-in-hand in our efforts. Our collaboration with local native people, and our association with environmental NGOs working in the Cusco region and the Amazon forests, are examples of the care and effort we put into keeping Peru’s environment clean and healthy.

Ethics and responsibility

In the Ausangate region, Andean Lodges has from its beginnings put into practice its ethic of environmental responsibility.
At each of our four state-of-the-art ecolodges, every bit of waste is recycled or removed, plastic use is reduced to almost nothing, and only biodegradable cleaning products are utilized.
Electric power is not utilized (which creates a wonderful ambience, lighted by candles and fireplaces!). We organize trail clean-up efforts, bird species surveys, and we work to influence government policies that will protect the region’s environment.
And we constantly monitor and analyze our own operations to avoid any negative environmental impacts on the Andean environment .

Our partnerships

Looking beyond the mountains to Peru’s Amazon forest, Andean Lodges has forged working partnerships with NGOs, such as Nature Services Peru’s Regenera Project and others, to reinforce efforts for sustainable development in native forest communities.

Reducing our footprint

To offset our carbon footprint and that of each of our visitors, Andean Lodges contributes funds that directly support the Regenera Project’s reforestation work in the Amazon.
In our area of operations, Andean Lodges works very closely with the Quechua native communities of Ausangate to care for and protect the surrounding pristine Andean lands, mountains, waters and Andean fauna that provide so many benefits and ensure the wellbeing of local families.

Llama caravans

Our use of low-impact llama caravans to carry gear is just one example of such efforts.
Local native people, as descendants of cultures with thousands of years of intimate connection to the land, are always the most knowledgeable and best stewards of the natural environments that provide them so much benefit.
Their connection is deeply spiritual.
And as relative newcomers, all of us at Andean Lodges learn from them, by sharing their values and in the love we feel for our natural world.
Please contact us to visit Cusco  and contribute to these efforts at:

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