From Andean Lodges’ point of view, the Rural Community Tourism company of the Apu Ausangate’s Route, with its lodge-to-lodge hikes, involves much more than the simple organization of treks, in the mountains.
Indeed, since this project’s debuts, its development philosophy has been based on mutual respect, as much among people, as with nature, since the communities of Chillca and Osefina are the company’s partners, with their percentage of shares and benefits, as well as voice and power of decision, in every stage of its evolution.
Furthermore, the members of those communities invested their land and the construction of a lodge, in the project’s development, and actively participated in the four ecological lodges’ long and laborious building process, along that exclusive and spectacular trekking route that is currently attracting the attention of more and more travelers in search of quality authentic live experiences in the Cusco region’s Andes.
Thus, the professional trainings, organized by Andean Lodges and the communities of Chillca and Osefina, are an essential link in the project’s good development process, as well as an excellent opportunity to guarantee that the financial dynamics, generated by its activity, are fairly shared with members of those communities, so that they might improve their families´ quality of life, and give new hope to others for inclusive development in their own communities.
We feel much joy and satisfaction in seeing these positive results that motivate us in the professional training of cooks and housekeeping staff. Furthermore, we are thankful for the so kind and indispensable collaboration of Ananay hotels, as well as for those of the Cusco Restaurants and Mesa Peru restaurants, highlighting their dedication in offering welcoming human surroundings and didactic teachings to the trainees who are displaying great eagerness in learning their tasks.
Finally, the greatest reward, resulting from the effort developed by the parties involved in this project, consists in the fact that we feel, in a tangible manner, that we are actively contributing in showing an example of solidary collaboration, by fulfilling our social and environmental liability policy that, we hope, will be understood and duplicated by other tourism companies, on a nationwide level, to preserve our country’s so rich heritage, and develop its full potential, so that Peru might emerge, with evermore strength and dignity.

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Operation team made up of community members trained as guides, kitchen staff, housekeeping, guardianship and maintenance.


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