Are you a hardy mountaineer looking to challenge some of the world’s most magnificent peaks? Or are you a fairly leisurely hiker who wants to reach new heights while enjoying incredible views, comfortable nights, and fascinating cultural connections in the best of the Andes?
Either way, Andean Lodges has an Andean trekking  experience to satisfy your desire to explore imposing Mt Ausangate and the Vilcanota, Cusco ’s most beautiful mountain range.

The Andean Lodges Experience

If it’s a matter of available time, our shortest length trekking program  is the 2-day/ 1-night Vinicunca, Rainbow Mountain program, the aptly nicknamed for this renowned mountain’s broad bands of incredibly colorful soil strata.
A night at our Huampococha ecolodge provides you all the rest and relaxation you’ll need to continue on to your next destination in Peru.
We offer two outstanding options for 3-days/ 2-nights of trekking : the Pururaucas, Guardians of Ausagate program, and the Palomani High Pass program.
Both treks involve about  15 miles of hiking roundtrip, and both climb to high altitudes over 16,700 ft a.s.l. (Palomani goes to 17,000 ft.).
Both routes are different and include different ecolodges, and both are equally spectacular. Pururaucas includes time at Mt. Vinicunca, and the climb over Anta Pass, with overnights at Anantapata and Huampococha Ecolodges. Along the way, you’ll see glaciers and stone forests of Karst limestone.
Palomani takes you over the pass of the same name, with views of glacial lakes, and herds of llamas and alpacas. Overnights at both Chillca and Machurracay Lodges. It might be hard to choose, so please look at our website for more details.

The three tambos circuit

20 miles of amazing trails cover the 4-day/ 3-night Three Tambos circuit, with stays at three of our cozy ecolodges.

Highlights include eerie sandstone formations of snowcapped Nevado del Inca, spectacular views of the south face of Mt. Ausangate, Karst stone forests similar to Mt. Vinicunca, and many, many llamas and alpacas grazing along the way.

Trekking programs

For a total Andean mountain experience, our three more extensive trekking programs cover most or all of the Mt. Ausangate circuit.

Trail of the Apu

The 5-day/ 4-night Trail of the Apu trek, with 26 miles of trekking, captivates you with a wealth of pristine glacial lakes, peaks, glaciers and moraines, and strangely-shaped rock formations.
Expect to see graceful vicuñas, cute rabbit-like viscachas, and with some luck, even a huge Andean condor flying above.

Hatun Pampa trek

The 6-day/ 5-night Hatun Pampa trek gives you a complete immersion experience in the Andes mountains. With an extra day and night, you’ll have a more gradual start, with two overnights at Chillca Lodge and a great hike on the Vista Trail, with incomparable views of the Vilcanota Range.

Then, you’ll be well prepared for the next legs of the trek, which includes stays at all of our ecolodges and hikes along the best of the Ausangate trail.

The trail of the Herders

Andean Lodges’ premier private departure is the 7-day/ 6-night Trail of the Herders program, which gives you extra nights at both Chillca and Machurracay ecolodges.

This itinerary gives added time to explore the landscape surrounding our lodges, and closely experience the way of life and beautiful handcrafts of the local Quechua people, all at a more leisurely pace. Sure enough, you’ll trek through the best of the Ausangate circuit, but with extra time to rest and acclimatize.

Please remember, all of our trekking programs have private departures. To economize, we also offer fixed departures, available for the Palomani High Pass, Trail of the Apu and Hatun Pampa programs.

Mountaineering experience

For experienced mountaineers ready to take on a high peak or two, we organize customized mountaineering  expeditions, including climbs to the summit of Ausangate.
Other guided adventure sports, including rock climbing and ice climbing, can be arranged for those wanting to achieve an adrenaline rush with a greater challenge.

Itineraries for Andean Lodges’ trekking programs are found at at the Your Journey of Discovery link. Please feel free to contact us for more information and to book your Andes mountain experience of a lifetime.

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