Are you ready for a first-hand experience of the Inca way of life?

Imagine waking up surrounded by grass-covered meadows and huge snowcapped peaks. According to Andean spiritual lore, these mountains and the energy they radiate fertilize the Pachamama, our mother earth, and her lakes.

Her energy descends through the mountains, traveling immense distances towards uncharted Amazon lands.

Then every night, from the glittering Willkamayu or Milky Way above, the energy returns to fill her lakes and glaciers.

The guardians of the land welcome you

The ancient native community of Chillca has been tasked with the stewardship of these beautiful high-altitude landscapes, and the local people are always excited to greet visitors traveling with Andean Lodges.

Working in collaboration with them, with deep respect for their culture and preserving their traditions, we have together created the Chillca Lodge.

This is the first eco-lodge along our trip, where you’ll find exquisite food and warm comfort in a setting of awesome mountain landscapes.

The story of how the town of Cusco was saved

But this isn’t the only ancient story surrounding this incredible destination.

A legend tells of a terrible drought that long ago impacted the city of Cusco, and of the two brothers who saved it.

The siblings Salkantay and Ausangate were forced to leave the ancient Inca city to venture through strange, far-off lands, looking for ways to help their hometown.

Salkantay went to the north and found the jungle, but his journey came with a forbidden love that only brought him trouble and despair.

Ausangate, on the other hand, traveled south toward the high plateau and found fertile lands. There he grew and farmed, sending vegetables and meats back home, and thus saving the people of Cusco.

A world for you to discover

These two legends are but a small part of the incredibly rich cultural knowledge that Peru’s Andes have to offer you.

Discover more about this amazing land, its unique cultures and welcoming people. Book a trip with us and experience the adventure of a lifetime with Andean Lodges. ​

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Operation team made up of community members trained as guides, kitchen staff, housekeeping, guardianship and maintenance.


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