About Us

We are a Cusco-based sustainable tourism company, offering a high quality product specialized in hiking and mountain lodge accommodation. We also have the best team of experts with over thirty years of experience on the tourism and mountaineering market.

Finally, Andean Lodges is the result of a partnership between a group of entrepreneurs in tourism and the altitude shepherding communities of Chillca and Osefina.

Roger Valencia, our Director, always maintained good relations with the Apu Ausangate’s communities, in a region where he has worked as a guide, for over 15 years.

Thus, in 2006, Roger Valencia and the communities of Chillca and Osefina decided to form a joint venture in which each party would contribute, according to their resources and skills.

So, both communities collaborated with the land on which the lodges and route are situated, and thus, they are now shareholders of 20% of the company. In addition, they receive a fee for every hiker who travels there with us.

Therefore, we are proud to have an operating team solely composed of villagers trained as guides, kitchen staff, house-keeping, maintenance and security personnel.

We also work with women from both communities, who produce handmade fabrics, organize private displays of the traditional techniques they use, along the route, and directly sell their products to our hikers.